From the very beginning of DCM, in 1976, sustainability has been considered one of the important pillars of our corporate philosophy. At the time, Herman De Ceuster, the company's founder, decided to produce "organic" fertilizers with natural raw materials. Even today, we deliberately choose to produce our own fertilizers according to a unique industrial concept, which allows us to permanently guarantee quality raw materials, traceability and sustainability.

We have an insatiable appetite to innovate. Together with the Scientia Terrae Research Center, we constantly search for smart solutions to boost soil fertility and plant health. We also collaborate with high-tech research centers and biotechnology companies. In this way, we develop biorational products of the highest quality. We do this in our own unique way, by combining concern for people and nature with technological advancement.

We are already doing a lot, but we still have many big dreams for the future. Here you can read all about DCM’s efforts to make our daily operations (even) (more) green. Every day, we are committed to creating, producing and marketing our products fully in line with our values.

Our efforts for people and nature