About us

DCM is part of the Plant Care Division of Group De Ceuster, a Belgian family-owned company founded by Herman De Ceuster in 1966. The company continues today in the capable hands of GroupDC’s second-generation CEO, Tom De Ceuster.

Since its conception, DCM has continuously strived to care more than the rest. In a time when chemical fertilizers were considered the only option, DCM was already committed to bring sustainability into performance fertilizers. With the introduction of MINIGRAN® fertilizers, organic and organic-mineral fertilizers became the new standards for European professionals – not only for organic production, but for conventional cultivation alike.

While market leadership has never been our primary objective, our approach to developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative and environmentally friendly high-performing plant nutrition products for the Horticulture, Agriculture, Growing Media, Turf Care and Retail markets has made us a pioneer and major European player in the field of premium organic and organic-mineral fertilizers.

DCM has subsidiaries in Belgium (1976), The Netherlands (1991), Germany (2000), France (2015), Austria (2016), and since 2019 we have also made our MINIGRAN® fertilizers available to the US market through DCM USA. We look forward to working closely with our distributors to support their customers to the best of our capabilities. Making sure that growers and superintendents who use DCM products are successful and profitable is both our lifeblood and foundation. After all, we Do Care More. It has been in our nature for over 40 years.