Why The Fresh Herb Company uses DCM Minigran Fertilizers

Chet Anderson, The Fresh Herb Company - 4114 Oxford Road. Longmont, Colorado 80503

In my 40 plus years as vegetable and flower grower I have not found a fertilizer that is as effective and as easy to use the products from DCM. I used a combination of MINIGRAN fertilizers (e.g. DCM Eco-Sol 1) this season and had excellent results. It can be difficult to keep the fertility up in our loamy sand soils but the combination of the products I used worked wonderfully. The MINIGRAN fertilizers are a breeze to apply and their controlled release over the season ensured healthy crops for the entire season. Additionally, the DCM sales and tech support teams were great to work with and immediately responsive to any questions I had.

Two thumbs up for the DCM crew and their outstanding products.