Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club tried DCM Minigran Mix 3 and DCM Minigran K-Mix

Eaglecreek, 11 Cypress View Dr, Naples, FL 34113

Jimmy at Eagle Creek:

My team and I are constantly on the lookout for more sustainable fertilizers, and we found that DCM Minigran products gave us the results we needed.  We have always used organic-based fertilizers, but this stuff is from another world.  I believe we get these results because of the Minigran technology and the multiple high-quality ingredients that DCM selects for these fertilizers.

We tried DCM Minigran Mix 3 on some of our greens.  Compared to what we were using before, we found that it gave us a greater and more consistent density without causing flushes of vertical growth.  It also gave us deeper green color that lasted a long time.

Finding a potassium fertilizer that performed consistently was always a problem.  However, we found in our own trials that Minigran K-Mix really outperformed what we used before.  It produced an even, long-lasting color response with much less vertical growth.  Minigran K-Mix is definitely part of our program moving forward.

If the performance we saw with these DCM fertilizers is standard among all of their products, DCM Minigran fertilizers will definitely be a hit with US turfgrass professionals.