Blade runner trialed the Minigran P-Mix

Blade runner, 802 Howard Road, Poteet, Texas 78065

We trialed the Minigran P-Mix from DCM USA on our Zoysia grass. We saw significant improvements in rooting and deeper rhizomes due to the availability of the phosphorus in the product being higher and more stable over time than other products we were using. After what we saw in our trials, we purchased the product for use on a section of the farm. We had a more consistent cutting of our sod due to root density and we were also able to shorten our window between cuts. Following our success with Minigran P-Mix on an established section of the farm, I decided to test the products on sprigs. These results proved to be the same over different grasses with different growth characteristics, such as Stadium, Trinity, Zeon and Lazer. DCM Minigran P-Mix proved to be the Phosphorus solution for us on both established sod and on sprigs on Zoysia grass!