In-house Logistics Department for Consolidated Transport

Our in-house logistics department makes every effort to ensure the best possible transport planning. The shipment of our products is entirely managed in-house, which allows us to group all transports in an optimal way. Since most of our products are dry fertilizers, we transport very little water. The favourable geographical location of our warehouse in Grobbendonk (Belgium), close to an important road axis, also contributes to logistical efficiency.

In order to transport our products in the most economical and ecological way possible, all our truck drivers have completed an Eco-driving training. By systematically applying these useful tips, you can save up to 15% on fuel and CO2-emissions. In addition, you drive more safely and pay more attention to other road users.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can charge your electric or hybrid car on our company premises? We now have 3 charging points!

SDG 9.4:
Modernize infrastructure and adapt industries to make them sustainable, with an emphasis on more efficient use of resources and cleaner an environmentally friendly industrial  technologies and processes.